Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have cracks in my wall and floor?
Cracks that have formed in the brick or block of your home is normally due to settling. Cracks in a basement floor can be due to settling or hydrostatic pressure. Many of these conditions form over time. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you have about these issues. 

Will your system enhance the value of our home?
Of course! If you sell your house, a clean and dry basement or crawl space, along with a transferable warranty.

Does Stay Dry Waterproofing guarantee their work?
Yes, we warranty basement and crawl space repairs.

Why should I waterproof my basement?
-To ensure a structurally sound foundation 
-To prevent termite and insect infestation 
-To prevent electrical shock hazards 
-To ensure the best health for your family and maintain a health home environment 
-To prevent the deterioration of your property value 
-To prevent mold and mildew growth and the problems that arise from the two 
-Because it is less expensive to fix and maintain your basement than it is to add an addition on your home. 
-To avoid further damage or future damage to your stored belongings

What are a few factors that may contribute to water damage, or basement flooding and dampness?
-The settling or shifting of your house 
-Improper grade
-A poorly installed drainage system.
-Gutter/Downspout issue

Why does my basement leak?
Your basement may leak for several reasons, including the way the drain tile was installed, or it may become clogged with debris, causing it to fail. It is possible your sump pump may not be working properly or . Our team is trained to notice these signs and will help determine exactly why your basement is leaking.

How do I know where the water is coming from?
The most common source of water presence is through areas where the floor and the wall meet. This is a natural seam because the water can easily penetrate your foundation here. Hydrostatic pressure may also be to blame. This causes water to penetrate cracks in your floor and walls. Other issues could include improper French drain installation and gutter/downspout issues. Many other sources are common, though not as easily visible, like landscape grading. Call us today for your free inspection and consultation!

What are the stains on my basement walls?
Many stains are caused by the presence of moisture. Most brown stains develop from water passing though highly acidic soil. Efflorescence is normally caused by exposure to past moisture and sometimes may develop while the home is under construction.

What is the cost to waterproof my basement?
The cost depends on what type of repair we need to make in order to remedy your problem. We offer estimates free of charge. We’ll provide the information you need to make an informed decision that you feel great about.

What is the cost for a basement or crawlspace inspection that does not have water intrusion?
 Depending on location a minimal fee will be charged. 
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